Review: The Order: 1886

You would think there would be less pro werewolf mercenaries in the world.

March 19 2015

By Matt Whitesides


The game is just kinda dull, despite the amazing visuals.

I very well could see an entire college class about this in video game school, maybe call it, "How to do everything right but still be wrong in every way". The order has a rock solid idea, interesting locations, fantastic visuals, tried, true cover based shooter mechanics, and solid voice acting. But the sum is definitely less than the parts in this case. Despite the graphics the game rarely does anything exciting on screen just a lot of static environments and people talking. Even when the shooting and explosions start it still feels like nothing is going on. Then take the story, again despite the great setup and people involved it is still dull and doesn't give any reason to care or like any of the characters beyond a solid setup. It's unfair to compare this game to one of the best third person shooters of all time but it's fair to say Uncharted does everything this game tries but much better. In uncharted the characters are interesting and fun, action is fast and dynamic, and the visuals are great while remaining ever changing and interesting.

He's not looking at anything, don't worry.


Now I get to be kind. The order is nothing short of a masterclass in art and technical creation. It seems to keep a rock solid 30/fps throughout the entire game, and feels fast and smooth. Every light and shadow has this soft cinema like feel, that combined with a nice subtle motion blur bumps it into the quality level that you truly only see in pre-rendered feature films. Even the loading times are shockingly fast, only a couple seconds after you hit start on the menu you are in the game, sure it does the old texture fill in but still mighty cool. It's an amazing step that we haven't seen with many games this generation perhaps with the exception of Ryse and Killzone: Shadowfall. But much like those two previous games it is a bit disheartening to see how static they are in game play. Surely they (the video game people) will find a balance but it makes you wonder what aspect of game design have to suffer to achieve this kind of magic.


The order starts out very strong with a classic betrayal to a jump backward in time to see how we got here trope. It even sports a fine late title card if I remember correctly. But then things go downhill. The game is short and I am sure that about 50% is cut scenes. The cut scenes are just people talking about politics and complaining. The order keeps claiming they are monster hunters but you only ever see a couple types and are mostly just fighting the same people over and over. Honestly I can't say what the story is exactly or if there even is a main plot other than kill the ware-wolfs, but the government wont let them or something. It's much more fun to just look at the lighting then actually follow the story.

Is nobody gonna check for snipers in this art exhibit?


There is defiantly nothing wrong with the gameplay, but it's also nothing new or even as good as 20 other games of the same type. Standard cover and shoot, but the real drag is the weapon design and enemy AI. The guns all feel week and dull to shoot, even the more crazy science weapons that have some cool effects still aren't all that exciting to fire. The enemies don't help much either as all they seem to do is just stay behind cover and blind fire or pop out for a second, giving you no other option then doing the same.


All in all I love what this company tried to do, create a truly next gen game. I fully believe that their next game will be stellar. But for The Oder I would say unless you are or an aspiring graphics programmer, modeler, or animator who wants to see some good examples of the tech, don't go out of your way to play this game.