Review: OlliOlli 2

Radical Brah

March 19 2015

By Tyler Hall


OlliOlli 2 is one of March's free PS Plus games, and seeing as I enjoy free games (note: on reflection this is not true, I do enjoy downloading free games though) I thought it would be a swell idea to give our readers my reflection. Keep in mind, I am not very good at this game (although somehow I was ranked 23rd in the world on one level for a brief period of time; I have not gone back to check this so I can blissfully believe this to still be true).


Having watched a few videos of the original OlliOlli I can ultimately say the sequel is blessed with better art. Much better. Sure, graphics literally mean nothing when the graphical fidelity is so low you can't even make out your Tony Hawk's face, but its always nice to see improvement I guess.


Over the course of OlliOlli2, Tony skates above pit-traps, infinitely long drop-offs, and lava. Whether in a carnival-from-hell, forest-from-hell, or desert-from-hell; rest assured that there will be some sort of rail for you to grind across to safety. Tony's story is one of resiliency, he constantly wants to prove himself regardless of how many times he has fallen down the stairs or been impaled by running into a spike protruding from a wall. In fact, his determination is so fierce that he begins the whole track over again if he fails, a true grinder (I went there) if you will.


Obviously, this is really the only part of the game we, or the developers, care about (besides the tubular soundtrack). The game is so fun that I don't mind constantly dying and replaying the first five seconds of a level. Manuals allow you to complete every level as Tony in one long combination trick. Really, this is the only way to play, that I know of, in order to get any sort of decent score on a level. Avalanche grinding and 780 radical flips to top-boardslides over and over again are spectacularly not boring at all. And yes I did make all those trick names up, feel free to use them.