Review: Destiny

Great gameplay bogged down by shoddy storytelling

September 25 2014

By Tyler Hall


Destiny, the latest release from the makers of Halo, has proven to be quite decisive amongst the videogame industry. 

Now that Destiny is both the most expensive videogame ever created as well as the most successful new franchise launch of all time I guess it seems obvious many readers have been waiting to read our review of the game. 


I almost definitely have not gotten to this part (probably)

Let us please get through this piece of the review as fast as possible. The longer I write on this subject the more obvious it will become that I really have almost zero clue as to what is going on. Without looking anything up on the Wikipedias or Googles, lets divulge. Okay, you wake up from the dead as a person (or blue person or robot) with Peter Dinklage in tiny robot form. With your newfound life and Ghost you set your sights on saving humanity, which by all accounts seems to have fallen on tough times. Once upon a time, humans were starting to explore and inhabit other surrounding planets and everything was good right? Wrong. The Darkness comes and starts to wipe you all out, forcing your race back to the Tower. You are a guardian, not of the galaxy necessarily, but of Earth. There are a few factions, but I honestly could not tell you the difference between the Hive, Fallen, or Darkness. The story really is pretty bad. I would rather listen to the 40ish podcasts I get through a week rather than sit down and pay attention to it. The cutscene that takes place every time you travel to another location is both horrendous because of its use of constant exposition and the fact that the exposition is rather dull in itself. Again, sorry to cut this section short but I really have no other opinions on it other than my recommendation that you should skip it.


Okay I'll set the scene; you just read that last section and are currently thinking to yourself "okay this is pretty suckzors how did it get 4 stars?" Well, this is why it got 4 stars AND why I considered scoring it higher (4.5?! CRAZY they say). The gameplay is absolutely fantastic. It feels a lot like Halo, which is a pretty high caliber thing to say. In a world dominated by twitch-based first person shooters this game shines as an example of slower interactions. Which again, I like because I am awful at twitch-based shooters. Every time I sit down to play Destiny I enjoy the play session, it is just ridiculously fun to shoot people. The worst part of the gameplay is its repetitiveness, which ties hand in hand with the story. I have almost no idea which mission is which or what I have completed because every single mission feels more or less the same.


Alright, its obvious even to the haters that this game is gorgeous. The environments look so freaking cool! Every landscape is fantastically detailed down to the last rock or gas bubble. A lot of work has gone in to making this an amazing looking game and it pays off, this game is arguably the best looking game ever released on home consoles. The use and abundance of colors particularly engages even my color-blind self. 

I do not know if this is the place for it, but lets talk about Destiny's user interface quickly. Its phenomenal. No, it really is! I am not arguing with you on this. It is so simple and understated. Because there is no pause button, there are always potential problems with a multitude of outfitting options that MMOs bring to the table but this UI allows for such quick changes that the problem is moot.



This is yet another area where Destiny shines. The multiplayer integrates the gameplay I talked so highly above about two sections up but lets you blast away much smarter enemies than the (very dumb) AI. I particularly really enjoy control, even more so than most king of the hill type modes. Destiny's multiplayer does lack the variety of most multiplayer games, the game options are significantly lower than a Halo or Call of Duty, but the few modes the game offers are as fun as possible and easily my favorite multiplayer game on the current generation of consoles so far.


Get Destiny. Just go get it. No, it is not quite at the level of your expectations but that does not mean the game is not worth playing (or putting 100+ hours in). The game's story is awful yes but out of all factors that make a game what it is the story is the easiest to dismiss. Just ignore it and enjoy the light, fun gameplay and innovative graphics and sound.