Review: The Americans: Season 1

In Russia do you think the have a show called "The Russians"?

July 24 2014

By Matthew Whitesides


If there is one thing that scares all Americans it's evil Russian robots disguised as American humans.

Unfortunately The Americans, FX's (which stands for Fox X-treme)hit show soon to get a third season  takes place in the 80's before Russians invented the robot. Still none the less the idea of a show about Russian spies living in America during the cold war is a fantastic one. Right from the first episode the series lays out a seemingly impossible amount of threats to the main characters, from a new FBI agent moving in next door, fighting assassins in an ally,  and characters already thinking of defecting to America. Luckily without being too campy the show sets up these characters as Jason Bourne/Batman esque agents.

He's actually in disguise in reality he has a sweet afro (seriously)

In reality that is only the setup to the show, episode to episode the main conflicts are just as much pedestrian as assassin. The characters dealing with the fact that they have had an arranged marriage is a big part of their issues. This while interesting at first ends up being a bit overdone as they go back and forth from being long lost loves to saying they never even liked each other, practically every episode.

The main conflict comes from the next door neighbor FBI agent (played by Noah Emmerich who you know from something that you can't put your finger on) who at first is suspect of the Americans but ends up being another main character with his own subplot. Also as the cold war heats up orders from Russia become more and more dangerous quickly coming to the point of unreasonable.

"For Mother Russia!" 

What actually ends up differentiating the men TV shows from the boys is how badass the main characters are. Good thing is, the Americans are both awesome, from Phillip Jennings who is the laid back family loving James Bond to Elizabeth Jennings who is the sexy uptight James Bond. So if you are at all a fan of spies, the 80's, Russia or America then The Americans will be right up your alley.