Review: Fargo Season 1

One of the best seasons of television ever made

July 13 2014



In any normal year Fargo would stand at the peak of the mountain of television. 

2014 is a difficult year to make noise for TV shows, with many series having fantastic seasons and True Detectives outshining everyone. Based upon the film of the same name by the Coen brothers and created by Noah Hawley (Bones), Fargo is one of the best seasons of television ever made. What seemed like a tough concept to pull off and left a lot of people bewildered turned out to be a modern day classic much like the original film.

Why is the show so good? Well, the writing of the show is fantastic and the dialogue simmers. Oh, and also the acting is top notch all around, every cast member has fully engrossed themselves into the dark world that has become of Bemidji, Minnesota. Much praise has to also go to the casting, there is not a single member of the cast that feels out of place or lacks ability. Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Sheen are the scene stealers, but Bob Odenkirk, Colin Hanks, and Allison Tolman are equally superb both in acting and character.

Fargo investigates the battle of good vs evil as a worthy competitor to this year's True Detective.

However, now that we have all that praise out of the way we can get to where Fargo truly shines, its presentation. The film has a consistent tone, style, and atmosphere to a degree that is rarely seen in television. The humor is dark yet hilarious. The show never really lets the viewer guess what is going to happen next and the time jump that takes place during the season has a great effect of keeping the tension and providing resolution. Even though the show isn't actually based on a true story like the title card would like you to believe, the world feels like this strange, crazy, weird world could be possible. Fargo investigates the battle of good vs evil as a worthy competitor to this year's True Detective. 

By Tyler Hall