Review: The Strain "Zero Hour"

How good is one of the most anticipated summer silver-screen arrivals?

July 17 2014

By Tyler Hall


"The Strain" was easily one of my most anticipated TV shows of the year when I first heard of the concept. A vampire pilot created by Guillermo del Toro, written by del Toro, directed by del Toro? Check, check, and check. I am a big fan of del Toro. Sure, besides Pans Labyrinth, every one of his films have fallen a bit short in terms of plot or dialogue. The major selling point of del Toro is his creativity and fantastic creature design. The Strain, which premiered this past Sunday, allows for plenty of both. The negatives? The show definitely has pacing issues and no one from the cast has yet to stand out. But the positives? This is essential del Toro entertainment for any fan. The world building is great and the visuals are stunning.