Review: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

I'm sure sin city isn't a "nice" place to visit, but this second movie doesn't make it seem that bad.

August 28 2014

By Matt Whitesides


I remember when I was younger not actually liking Sin City, and I was probably in the most optimal position to like that kind of movie. 

Around that time I liked all kinds of dumb violence and anything that seemed edgy. But despite the flashy visuals and over the top nature of it there seemed to be no joy in the film. Now of course I didn’t hate the film I’m sure I thought it was cool to watch but any complaints you might have had with Sin City I am sorry to say will probably just be multiplied in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

She would get served by Magic Mike

Alright lets do this, starting with the positives. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For or SCADTKF for dumb, has a great cast who get to play over the top surreal characters. The standouts being Joseph Gordon Levitt (of “I assume the end of DKR implies that he is becoming Batman Beyond” fame) and Josh Brolin (of “The one with the longest poles” fame). Joseph’s storyline consists of a guy who is the son of the evil guy from Sin City (Oh that one!), and has spent the first 30 years of his life learning how to play cards so he could embarrass his dad to death when he gets the chance. That is literally the exact story, but ends up being pretty interesting and a strong point of the movie with the only actual unexpected moments. Josh’s picks up the reason for the title of the movie and has him as a tough guy who falls for Eva Green’s (of other films fame) seduction techniques that always consist of taking off all her cloths. But not to spoil anything she is not only a dame to kill for but a dame who kills! Josh is always a great actor to see on screen no matter what the film he brings a cool gravity and believable seriousness to the drama.

"Not all is perfect in the black and white and red all over world."
You know who could save a town like this? The bat man!

Not all is perfect in the black and white and red all over world. Things are a bit too predictable and for a movie about style, kinda dull. Starting with the visuals, SCADTKF comes from a time where CGI and crazy effects where a cool way to stand out. The problem with that is it only works if the film is interesting enough on it’s own regardless of the looks or the style is consistently cool to look at. While there clearly was a great attention to detail in the shorts everything comes off as looking like it was on a small stage or green screen, which it probably was. There isn’t an excessive amount of violence and what is there is so abstract it doesn’t even look that harsh. Overall there is a lack of unique ideas in the medium which is fine the film can be about the story but that also has problems.

Obviously they are going to a dark graphic novel noir style and for all I know they did a perfect job. Taking that into account, you are left with obvious narrative and only lines that are cliques or boiler plate crime movie dialog. Nobody in the story has a particularly unique take on life or the world, leaving the interest in the hands of wanted to see them get revenge. To be fair you do want to see some of these characters get what they have coming but as they make so clear the entire time, every character has it coming to them, so in the end the body count seems kinda low. I don’t want to be harsh because I did actually enjoy the film, it just feels like an okay direct to video sequel to a film that stood alone.