Review: How to Train Your Dragon 2

Best animated movie in years, possibly since its predecessor

July 13 2014



The first How to Train Your Dragon was one of the best animated movies of the past 10 years by blending top animation, epic scale, and dramatic storytelling into a "children's" flick. 

The action sequences were particularly stunning and the score melded perfectly to the screen. 2014's followup, this time written and directed by Dean DeBlois (who wrote the first one), is much of the same-and that is not a bad thing. 

The biggest effect separating this franchise from any other animated series is its epic scope. The score, the dramatic weight, and the action sequences are all of the quality you could expect to see in a live-action blockbuster. The biggest improvements in How to Train Your Dragon 2 from its predecessor are the action scenes and the animation (as tends to happen over the course of 4 years of improvements to animation). The $145 million budget is all on the screen and any fans of animation should check it out for this reason alone. 

These are truly some of the most fun experiences you can have at a theater.

Get out there and see this film people, and if you haven't seen the first one see that as well. These are truly some of the most fun experiences you can have at a theater. And you know what? Even go see it in 3D. Unlike most releases, this film actually seems worth it to pay the extra surcharge and the flight scenes are particularly stunning in 3D. The returns have not been quite as high as the studio expected but a third addition to the franchise will be coming in summer of 2016 by the same director. Nevertheless, an animated film that is this good, 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, deserves better.