Uncharted Movie Gets Release Date, Spider-Man gets pushed back

Sony's flagship brand arrives in theaters in 2016

July 24 2014

By Tyler Hall

Sony set a date for its upcoming film based off of the Uncharted series of video games today for June 10, 2016. Originally set for The Amazing Spider-Man 3, after the exit by writer Roberto Orci Sony has decided to push back any plans for the franchise until 2018. The fact that the second movie also made a disappointing 700+ million dollars for Sony seems to point to the fact that they finally possibly understand that viewers are suffering from fatigue from this universe. However, their Sinister Six movie is now scheduled for November 11th, 2016. 

The Uncharted franchise is my favorite in all of video games, with the second installment ranking #1 amongst my all-time favorite games. While enlightened by the news that the movie is coming to theaters, and will begin filming next year, I am disheartened by much of the other rumors surrounding the project. Deadline reports that Mark Wahlberg is still being sought after by the studio. The director is Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses) who has mostly only directed comedies so far into his career. And the writers David Guggenheim (Safe House). Avi Arad (The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Charles Roven(The Dark Knight), and Alex Gartner (28 Days Later) all have had awful.  outputs recently. Everyone involved in the project seems against the spirit of the franchise and Sony really looks like they just don't understand what makes the series so fun. 

Oh well, I guess we still have Uncharted 4 to look forward to.