True Detective Season 2

New details begin to emerge for the highly anticipated second season

July 17 2014


Over at Film Divider, Charles Madison has posted information he has received on the upcoming second season of the HBO hit True Detectives. There is not much information on how this knowledge was obtained and HBO has released nothing yet so everything has to be taken as rumor. However, Film Divide is a fairly accomplished young website and the author seems sure. 

The article delves into the use of three main characters, not two like the previous season:

The first solid information on the new season’s detectives came along a week ago or so with the revelation that Colin Farrell had been offered a role. We heard at the same time that there was another young male part also under discussion, and the program makers had apparently considered Taylor Kitsch for that role.

I can tell you now that these would make up two corners of the series’ central triangle of investigators, two men and a woman from different Californian cities and their own distinct branches of the State’s law enforcement bodies, coming together to uncover a whole mess of corruption.

The third corner will be a woman, a character in her 30s. She’s a Monterey Sherrif with – as you might well expect – trouble in her past and problems in her day-to-day. 

Madison goes on to talk about the upcoming plot:

The new mystery is to be kickstarted by the murder of Ray Caspar, City Manager of a fictional Californian city. From what I can gather, the new, partly invented map that Pizzolatto is drawing will be essential to his new story. As he teased, some months ago, part of the mystery will involve California’s transportation systems. This plot will involve a corrupt scheme to link North and South California with a high speed train, all in pursuit of profitable land ownership and lucrative federal grants.

Head on over to Film Divider for the full article. It sounds like Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch may really be the two male leads after a lot of rumors and speculation. Colin is an underrated actor that has shined in movies like Phonebooth, In Bruges, and Seven Psychopaths. Sure, he has been in plenty of horrible movies (Daredevil, Miami Vice stick out) but performances such as his turn in Crazy Heart speak to his acting credibility. I could say the exact same thing about Kitsch, nearly all of his movies have been pretty awful (X-Men Origins, John Carter, Savages) but his performances in Friday Night Lights and Lone Survivor are genuinely intriguing.

As far as the plot? I have utmost trust in Nic Pizzolatto to turn in an amazing script for season 2.