New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Photographs: Update! Featuring Wonder Woman

Let the speculation begin!

July 26 2014

By Matthew Whitesides

Are you ready?

What is he thinking!? 

Update: Yes now we have a look featuring the woman of wonder. If you are a square and don't know her story, she is an Amazonian girl who lives in a magical world filled with other scantily clad females. Also she owns her own jet so I assume she is rich like batman.

Ah yes Batman V Superman, this is the first time this site has gotten to talk about this movie. The first of many I have to assume. This is probably the most intriguing movie to be announced for the next couple years. Even though we have to wait until 2016 to see this just the idea of moody Ben Affleck as old beat up batman (although Christian Bale taught us fresh new Batman is also in a rough spot) is super exciting to me. The Superman part I can take or leave but at least this gives us the chance for Mark Zuckerberg as the ultimate bad guy.

This is from comic con if you havent been to anyother website yet today. (Not that there are any other good ones... Maybe Yahoo Mail that site is okay.)