Halfway Through 2014: What Games Are We Most Looking Forward To?

Video games, mysterious creatures that they are still manage to get made despite all the other entertainment options.

July 23 2014

By Matt Whitesides

As a natural extension of our previous article (What films are we most looking forward to?). I have decided to add this to include the sweet science, video games. Let's get started shall we?

Matthew Whitesides:

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Early 2015)


Metal Gear Solid IV on the PS3 was probably my favorite game on that system. Just thinking about the effort and detail that goes into every aspect of these games is nothing short of insanity, and that shows wholeheartedly while playing these games. if I was a godlike creature who could make games to any quality and content I wanted, the results would probably end up a lot like metal gear. 

There seems to be a lot of conflicting messages coming out about MGSV but judging from the trailers we have nothing to worry about, they have the craziness down in spades. Early news seemed to be that they were taking a less cinematic focus to the games but the 10 minute trailers seem to say otherwise. If you played the prologue that came out recently you saw that great steps have been taken on the gameplay front, at least steps that make Snake as powerful as he is in real life. 

Oh wait this game isnt a 2014 game... This article is off to a good start. With Lies!  

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (November 4th 2014)

This guy's in Movies, TV, and Video Games! Whaaa!

You know what game has the most under rated single player ever? That's right it's Call of Duty these games have the most badass single player stories. Sure you can say your fancy indie game about depression in teenage stuffed animals has a deep and meaningful subject matter, but you know that also is a deep subject? That's right super mustache Price surviving multiple world wars, and exploding helicopters to go punch Russians in the face! This new one has better graphics and even more focus on story, nice!

No Man's Sky (2015)

Sky. The Final Frontier

Yes. Yes. I hear you, "How come you're looking foward to a budget direct to dvd indie game?". Well it's mostly just because everyone else seems to be. I haven't played many games of this new trending exploration building type, but if I was it would be this one. Hey it has a cool idea of infinite space with other people, but I can't help but wonder, how do I "beat" it so I know when to stop playing?

Wait sorry another 2015 game....

Destiny (September 9th 2014)

It would be sweet if we had a planet that close.

First let me give you a bit of history. Once there was an awesome guy named Bill Gates who handmade a device to play Bungie games on. Then he gave Bungie a bunch of money to make their game. After earning billions for them being the nice guy he is, he lets them go free into the wild. What do they do? They go to Japan and just spread around their game love to whoever is within spitting distance. Not cool.

Destiny looks cool beta coverage coming soon.

Notable Mentions:

Far Cry 4 (November 11th 2014)

Loved One and Three. This one looks awesome as well!

FIFA 15 (September 23rd 2014)

Soccer is more video game than real life sport anyway.

Assassin's Creed: Unity (Fall 2014)

It looks soo good. Don't ruin it with dumb co-op you know I don't have friends!

The Witcher 3 (February 24th 2015)

This I knew wasn't coming out 2014 so I didn't get a top slot.

Grand Theft Auto V: Remastered (Fall 2014)

Finally the fifth Grand Theft Auto! Why haven't I heard about this yet!

Batman Arkham Knight (2015)

This is my most anticipated of 2015! Suck it Witcher! Oh wait MGS is in there....

Tyler Hall:

First let me start off that I believe including 2015 games in this list is a travesty. But I'll continue with some unmentioned games I'm excited for. 

Infamous First Light

First Light's predecessor, Second Son, was my favorite in the franchise so far. I still really love how the city (Seattle, also cool) felt lived in. The mechanics were also finally up to par with what a superhero game should feel. Although, this may not count as a game...


I never really played Left 4 Dead. Not that I never wanted to. In fact, I have always thought the franchise looked very fun to play. I've never owned am Xbox and this is one of the games I have always missed out on. Evolve looks to carry on the Left 4 Dead spirit with aliens; very excited to finally experience it.

The Witness

John Blow's sequel to Braid loos as intriguing as you would expect. Anytime someone says he doesn't think the previous generation of consoles can handle the game they are developing I immediately become interested. I'm not really one for games with only puzzles, but if these puzzles really can only play on devices as powerful as my ps4 or iPhone then count me in.