Batman V Superman Pushed Up

UPDATE: Unannounced films to be revealed soon; most likely including Justice League film

August 08 2014

By Tyler Hall


Warner Bros. president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman recently revealed to EW the following on the state of the newly announced DC projects:

Fellman says that some of those untitled DC movies should begin to be announced later this month and that the first real Justice League adventure might be closer than you think. “While it hasn’t been officially announced,” teases Fellman. “I think it’s a pretty good bet.”

I would recommend the article to anyone interested in how the scenario played out. Not a ton of new information, but it seems like industry analysts believe this to be a good move by DC. Obviously having Batman V Superman and Captain America 3 compete for screens would hurt both parties involved, but from the analyst quoted in the article it seems like expectations have gotten even higher for box office returns. The article cited increased play time due to lack of top-end competition and other recent successes of films released around the same time frame (Hunger Games, Lego Movie in particular). Check out the original story below to see my feelings on the move.

However, the most interesting part of the article is not why DC moved from the May 6th release date, but instead why DC felt they could claim the spot from Marvel in the first place. Fellman stated that Warner Bros. felt Marvel did not have the time to make a movie:

“In terms of going back and reviewing the situation, it looked to us—and maybe our reconnaissance wasn’t great—that they were not going to have a movie [ready] on that date,” says Fellman. “Just that they held onto it and they might not be able to deliver. But they took another position.”

So in other news... We may get actual news soon.


Looks like DC moved first in the battle over the May 6, 2016 release date now owned solely by Captain America 3. Batman V Superman will now open on March 25th of 2016. This is interesting on a number of fronts. Neither DC or Marvel wanted to actually compete on the same day, it would be idiotic because both would eat into the other's sales. I've see a lot of Internet reaction criticizing the move because March is not really considered a prime spot for summer blockbusters like this one. But I actually think this could be a good move for the Man of Steel sequel. Captain America 2 opened in early April, only about a week off from this film's release date and that movie made a killing. I feel like Man of Steel performed worse than expectations critically at least in part due to superhero/blockbuster fatigue from its release date. Sure, June doesn't sound too early, but considering Fast 6, Catching Fire, and Iron Man 3 all came out before it could attribute to critics just being tired of giant summer blockbusters. 

DC also set their movie lineup of untitled films a la Marvel style as follows:

Could any of this tie in with the deadline report from Finke of the following release dates?

Who knows. I honestly think this is even worse than Marvel setting dates way in advance because it is even harder for me to imagine all of these movies coming to fruition. I would love it if it were true, but it is hard to believe. The "WB Event" films in 2018 and 2020 are also pretty mysterious. Stay tuned for more.