Apple’s OS X Yosemite Beta Preview Milestone One V1.10 Mega Hyperdrive XYX Out Today!

Finally Apple gets with the time and recognizes that the deep brooding hipster masses need a dark theme.

July 24 2014

By Matthew Whitesides

Let it be known I don't take positive Apple talk lightly.

If you know me you know I am not a bias Apple fan, in fact you might say I am biased in the exact opposite way. A few weeks ago I was looking for a upper end laptop. To be honest I have never actually tried a Mac for any significant amount of time and fully intended when looking for a laptop to buy a PC. Now I'm not saying that Apple doesn't overcharge for "Design" and less hardware but I discovered that at a certain point so does everyone. So I sold out and bought a MacBook Pro, and fine I'll admit it... it's nice. I don't need to go into a whole article about the pros and cons of OSX vs WIndows because in reality they're not that different. Actually by far my favorite feature of OSX is how much better the Terminal app is vs Command Line in Windows, that alone makes the switch easy to take. I hate to admit it but everything on this website has been built on a Mac. That's kinda sad now that I admit that. 

And now forthright onward to the article.

So if you were a forward thinking yet economical human like me you signed up for the Yosemite beta a few weeks ago when it become available, but not way back when, when you had to pay for a developer account. You want me to pay you to make you make me, make you, make us, tons of money, I don't think so Tim Cook. So as of today (July 24th) you have the new OS but if you don't here is what you're missing out on. Spoiler Alert* dark theme!

1) Dark Theme!

Batman approves.

Yes things where a bit too cheery before but Apple fixed that. Also you can probably tell the icons have a generally flatter feel as opposed to standing up on a "3D" plane as in the previous release. Also a frosted glass like transparency seems to be a common theme among the toolbars.

2) Search ("Spotlight")

Now search pops up in the middle of the screen with a nifty more intrusive interface. 


3) Safari 

Yes I hear you, why would I care about a Safari update? It's like the Internet Explorer of web browsers. You are correct, but just in case you want to be surprised for a second try booting it up, it looks crazy now! Its like a phone browser for your computer. I'm not gonna use it but I do like the hyper minimalist approach.

Fun Fact: ^ Was Confirmed!

4) Widgets

Widgets are for crazy people but they are updated apparently, looks nice but I don't need computers taking weathermen and clocks jobs thank you. I was too lazy to even open the app myself, I don't want to give my computer the wrong impression that I might use those.

Don't sue TechCrunch?

And More!

I'm sure there is much more that many talented people worked very hard on but I haven't used it yet. If I stumble upon a new feature I'll post it here. Overall it is a pretty cool upgrade. Now lets see if I lose all my data like the installations messages very clearly stated I might.