Ant-Man Trailer 1

Marvel premiers the first trailer for the much anticipated Ant-Man!

January 07 2015

By Tyler Hall

After dropping the "ant-sized" trailer over the weekend Marvel debuted the full length trailer last night to the highly anticipated Paul Rudd vehicle. While my anticipation for the film is steady, the quality of this trailer is noticeably worse than any Marvel trailer in recent memory. Everything looks fine and superheroic, but nothing stands out and the tone feels a bit too Green Lantern/DC-lite for my taste (this is coming from the resident Latetitlecard DC fanboy/apologist). Nonetheless, Ant-Man remains one of my most anticipated movies of 2015 for the singular reason of Paul Rudd as moody superhero. Check it out below.

In other news, Paul Rudd and Adam McKay have been officially credited as writers of the screenplay. Based on the turmoil surrounding the Edgar Wright departure this is a noticable development. It will be interesting to see how much Edgar Wright's original vision shows through in the final product. Wright is an immensely talented director and worked on this film for many years, even before Iron Man, and the more his soul can be seen in the film the better off we are. While Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish are still getting "story by" credits for the film, this is obviously a sign that the changes Rudd and McKay made to the script are very significant. Sure enough, Rudd has stated his work with McKay resulted in a “giant action sequence” and made the film “a little bigger, a little more aggressive, and funnier in places.”